hope house

What is Hope House

Hope House, a program of Community Life Batemans Bay Inc. was opened in 2009, to provide medium term therapeutic rehabilitation accommodation through coordinated programs and education, assistance and support for homeless men who have addictions, mental health issues, in contact or at risk of being in contact with the justice system, victims or perpetrators of domestic violence or been beaten by life in general to help these men to re-engage with and become active contributing members of our community. Homelessness does not discriminate.

Hope House

Bringing hope to homeless men through education and integration 


Hope House is a drug, alcohol and violence free environment with random drug and alcohol tests conducted.

The program includes men from all cultural backgrounds including Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and Indigenous.


Our Reach

This program will help men from all over NSW, from south of Nowra to the Victorian Border and also interstate who are affected by poverty, disadvantage, drug and/or alcohol addictions, mental health issues, victims or perpetrators of domestic violence, breakdown of family and relationships, unacceptable criminal behaviour, homelessness or have been beaten by life generally and struggle with everyday living decisions.  This program will assist to alleviate hardship and assist the disadvantaged, the vulnerable and the destitute.

We will assist men with

  • Obtain accommodation and employment through existing agencies
  • Establish and continue appropriate social networks
  • Develop living skills
  • Mentoring and Rehabilitation
  • Develop positive self esteem
  • Live peaceably in the community
  • Develop a long term vision for their lives
  • Improve outcomes for individual clients preventing and managing relapse
  • Help secure independence

Our Approach

Clients participate in structured in daily programs and a person centred case management plan which assists them to develop competencies, abstain from drugs and/or alcohol, stabilise mental health, establish and develop family and social networks, break the cycle of offending, domestic and family violence to fulfil their dreams, achieve their goals and reintegrate back into society.


Our Programs

The programs at Hope House will address the basic needs of men as per Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. 


Some of these needs are:  a sense of belonging, security, friendship, health and wellbeing leading to self-actualisation.


Programs conducted

Lifestyle, education, addictions, counselling and wellness recovery plans.



Through the programs at Hope House clients regain their mental and physical balance after addiction.


Program Costs

A weekly program cost of $175 is payable in advance from the date of commencement. This amount covers board utilities and program costs. The client agrees to have this amount taken directly from their income source, ie, Centrelink payments, Direct Debit.



Hope House is a five bedroom house which provides accommodation up to 6 months for 8 men with two men sharing a room. 

The fifth bedroom is for the overnight supervisor.


Our Partnerships

Community Life Batemans Bay Inc has formed partnerships with

South Coast Careers College – Adult Ed and

Pathways Eurobodalla (Directions ACT)

to provide extra support for the clients.


Referrals to Hope House

Hope House works with other support services in the area to ensure they have information about our services and the application process.  Applicants are to be committed to a life changing opportunity.  Hope House has limited vacancies.   Applicants are required to complete and submit an Application form (which is available on the website), followed by an interview with the Manager - either in person or via telephone.  The successful Applicant will be offered a position at Hope House on the basis they shall abide by the terms and conditions of the Organisation.